Second Grade Math Problems

Welcome to the Second Grade Math Problems page.

We have a wide selection of longer math problems requiring a wide range of math skills to solve.

These problems are also a great way of developing perseverance and getting children to try different approaches in their math.

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Second Grade Math Problems

On this webpage are our selection of longer, more in-depth problem solving sheets for 2nd grade.

Typically, there is just one problem on each page with maybe a follow up problem in some cases.

The sheets cover a wide range of Math topics, from place value and number fact knowledge to geometry and logic problems.

The following worksheets have been designed to develop a wide range of skills and problem solving techniques such as:

  • making lists or tables
  • drawing pictures to help solve problems
  • working systematically
  • logical thinking
  • number fact knowledge
  • persevering until all solutions have been found

An answer sheet is available for each worksheet provided, where appropriate.

These sheets can be used in many different ways:

  • to challenge more able pupils
  • to use as a way of developing strategies to explore more in-depth problems, such as making lists or tables
  • to use as an extension activity for children who finish early
  • to use as part of a Maths challenge board

Second Grade Math Problems

Broken Calculator Problem 1

The Broken Calculator problem is a number problem involving using an imaginary broken calculator with only the 2, 3, + and = buttons working to make different totals.

There are 2 versions of the problem sheet, one with a pre-prepared template for filling in, and a second blank version for children to show their own recording system.

Anyone for an Ice Cream?

Anyone for an Ice Cream is a money activity which involves using silver coins only to make a total of 40¢ . The aim is to find all the possibilities.

Tyger's Coin Challenges

Tyger's Coin Challenge is a money activity. The aim is to see whether or not different amounts of money can be made from a number of coins.

Captain Salamander's Letter

This 2nd grade math problem sheet involves working out which totals of money can be made using only 3¢ and 5¢ stamps. It is a good activity for developing perseverance and logical thinking.

Balloon Pairs #2

Balloon Pairs is a number adding activity where the aim is to find different totals by adding the balloon numbers together. The totals are then sorted in order of size using a table.

Bean Bag Bucket Challenge #2

This challenge involves working out how different scores were made in the bean bag bucket game. It is a 'finding all possibilities' type of problem.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl is an activity which involves finding the correct ages of all the people in the challeges using the clues that are given.

Climb the Mountain

This is one of our second grade math problems that involves finding all the possible paths up to the top of the mountain using the routes provided.

Dilly's Eggs #1

Dilly's eggs is a sharing problem - drawing it out is a good strategy for tackling this problem. The aim is to find the number of eggs Dilly had using the clues provided.

Odd Square Out

This is a good activity for developing noticing skills and recognising shapes that have been rotated or reflected.

Parking Lots #2

Parking Lots is an activity where the aim is to find as many combinations as possible for the cars to park. Systematic working could be an area of focus for this activity.

Pick the Cards #2

Pick the Cards is an adding game where the aim is to use combinations of numbers to reach a given total. This activity is good for adding three or four small numbers together to make a given total.

Place It Right #2

Place It Right is a place value activity to support children with their place value learning. The aim is to make a range of 3 digit numbers with different properties.

Share the Treasure #2

Share the Treasure is a logic acitivity where the aim is to share some treasure according to certain criteria.

Who Chose Which Shape #2

Who Chose Which Shape is a logic problem where children have to work out which salamander chose which shape from the clues given.

Looking for some easier word problems

We have a range of easier word problems at our parent site,

The problems on this page are at a simpler level than those here.

Many of the problems, e.g. Dilly's Eggs, Pick the Cards and Share the Treasure have easier versions on this page.

Using the link below will open our main site in a new tab.

Looking for some harder word problems

We have a range of more challenging word problems at our parent site,

The problems on this page are at a trickier level than those here.

Some of the problems, e.g. Place It Right and Share the Treasure have harder versions on this page.

Using the link below will open our main site in a new tab.

Addition and Subtraction Puzzles

The puzzles in this section mainly focus on adding and subtracting numbers.

The puzzles start with adding and subtracting to 20, and progress on to harder levels and more complex puzzles.

Using the puzzles in this section will help your child to:

  • develop their adding and subtracting skills;
  • develop trial and improvement strategies;
  • improve problem solving skills.

All the second grade math problems in this section will help your child to learn their addition and subtraction facts and become more confident with handling numbers mentally.


How to Print or Save these sheets

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Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 easy steps to get your worksheets printed out perfectly!

How to Print or Save these sheets

how to print information image printer

Need help with printing or saving?
Follow these 3 easy steps to get your worksheets printed out perfectly!

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